Many foreigners travel to Asia for good reason. You’ve got entirely new cultures to learn about, amazing areas to explore, adventure-filled activities, and the delicious authentic cuisines! And if you want to take your vacation up a notch, you can check into luxury resorts in Asia to get a taste of the best from the country AND experience A+ treatment.

But where are the best luxury resorts in Asia? Read on to learn more about the wonders of Asia and what makes it worth the trip to their luxury resorts.

What’s So Special About Luxury Resorts in Asia?

Why should you go to a luxury resort in Asia? These resorts have added perks and specialties you can’t find anywhere, like:

1. Beautiful Interiors and Architecture

In the best luxury resorts in Asia, you can find everything in one of the fanciest designs, made by world-famous architects and interior designers.

You’ll feel like a celebrity as you enter the doors, igniting all your senses, from eyes to nose. Yes, there are pleasant scents that add to your overall travel experience!

2. Exceptional Service 

The service you receive in luxury resorts is incomparable to the typical accommodation. They will provide the best personal care, with a highly-trained staff that offers services such as:

            •           Butler services to provide personal welcomes and check-ins

            •           Tourist guides to show you around the country

            •           Packing and unpacking services

            •           Shoeshine and laundry services

            •           Valet parking

            •           Personalized touches such as welcome notes and gifts

Besides this, you get excellent security, such as special card access and trained guards to ensure safety.

3. Amazing Rooms With Private Pools

Luxury resorts have the most extravagant rooms and private villas. Most rooms offer a lot of amenities with themed designs according to the destination you’re visiting. You’ll feel very cozy and want to spend whole days in bed with picturesque views!

“Plush beds, welcoming gifts, and a private pool… What more can you ask for?”

Besides this, you’ll have amenities such as private pools, welcome drinks and sweets, large TVs and fast Internet, as well as high-quality toiletries and more!

4. Delicious Dishes Made From the Best

Many hotels usually have in-house restaurants, but when in a luxury resort, you’ll find that it’s a step up from your usual. You get to taste local cuisines made from world-acclaimed chefs and the freshest ingredients. Not only do you have the choice of local cuisines, but other dishes from around the world with a twist.

Another huge plus is that luxury resorts will cater to your specific diet and allergies, ensuring all dishes you receive are according to your needs.

5. Spa and Suite Facilities

We take a vacation to rejuvenate and feel new, and luxury resorts have the facilities to help relax your mind, body, and spirit!

Luxury resorts have amazing pools and jacuzzis, as well as spa centers with different treatments to loosen up tension and knots. Spa centers offer multiple pools, sauna facilities, steam rooms, and professional masseurs to help you feel at ease. Plus, there are yoga practitioners who can teach you more about feeling free!

6. Explore and Get Anything You Want!

Hotels provide fancy and amazing transfer services from the airport to the resort, or when touring your chosen destination. You can use helicopters, private boats, limos, or even luxurious vehicles! It has the VIP feel, making you feel extra pampered from the moment you arrive at the airport until departure.

“You get the once in a lifetime opportunity when in luxury resorts in Asia!”

Luxury resort staff are also available to cater to your wants, touring you around and organizing excursions to get a taste of Asia.

Luxury Resorts Activities to Expect

You can do so many things when in a luxury resort in Asia, beyond your wildest dreams! Here’s the type of VIP treatment you can expect the moment you step in a luxury resort:

1. Water Sports Galore

Most luxury resorts in Asia have private pools and are surrounded by beaches. And what can you do by the beach?

The staff can organize water sports and adventures from you, whether you want to go scuba diving to see the fish, play beach volleyball, or even go private island hopping on a speedboat, you can get it!

2. Set Memorable Events

Are you planning to pop the question to your lover or want your family to experience memorable events such as birthdays? Luxury resort staff can organize it all for you to surprise your loved ones!

If you’re up for something romantic, then staff can arrange a candlelit dinner by the beach. For family events, you can have a grand dinner with kid-friendly dishes and private areas reserved for you. Whether it’s an anniversary, baptismal, birthday, or proposal, you can have a memorable time without stressing over the planning.

3. Private Classes

What’s great about luxury resorts in Asia is that you get to learn a lot not only from outdoor excursions and water activities but from private classes they hold.

Most luxury resorts offer various classes to help you learn a lot about the country’s culture, from yoga and tai chi classes down to cooking lessons. Even when on vacation, you get to learn while having fun.

4. Rejuvenate With Spa and Yoga

We all go on vacation to take a much-needed break and rejuvenate, freeing our mind and body from the stress. Luxury resorts understand that, which is why they prioritize comfortable and cozy ambiances, as well as excellent spa centers.

Most spa centers come with various treatments to loosen up tight knots and lift tension from the mind and body. Plus, there are yoga sessions to help you find your inner peace and balance!

5. Personal Butler to Organize Anything

Luxury resorts have personal butlers to wait on your every need without having to wait long. If you want a relaxing bath set in your room once you’re back from a tour, they’re right on it. If you want the best champagne sent with delicious dishes, they’ll serve it right away!

“Get VIP treatment with a friendly butler ready to serve your every need.”

Their goal is to make you feel as pampered as possible without lifting a finger. Everything is done for you!

Four Luxury Resorts Recommendations in Asia

Where should you be going to when in Asia? Check out these top luxury resorts and what they offer:

1. Four Seasons in Thailand

The Four Seasons is for the beach lover who wants more fun under the sun! Set on a white-sand beach, it gives you the privacy and wide array of water sports activities you’ll love, as well as the facilities to get you taking the full-in break you need.

Venture out to the beach for some sports or to relax with seascape views, or indulge in their delicious food and take massages in their spa centers, the choice is yours!

2. Taj Lake Place in India

The Taj Lake Place in India will make you feel like royalty, from its palatial structures down to the luxurious treatment. Luxury begins the moment you step foot on their private boat ride entering the private island, then entering the 250-year-old structure filled with magic and history.

Each room has its design and story, with your suite making you feel like a king or queen throughout your stay! Personal butlers are there to serve you, whether it’s to send in delicious dishes by world-renowned chefs or to book spa treatments in their infamous wellness center.

3. Belmond La Residence d’Angkor in Cambodia

This is a luxury boutique hotel that’s perfect for travelers who want to be surrounded by the views of majestic trees and mountains. The building is inspired by the traditional Khmer style and is situated by the rivers of Siem Reap’s center.

It’s strategically located so you can visit the historical temples of Angkor Wat and World Heritage sites, which are just a few minutes away.

Furthermore, you can feel at ease and away from the hustle and bustle of the city life with its Baray-inspired pools down to their spa center and grand views.

4. Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort in Vietnam

If you want the ultimate spiritual retreat surrounded by greeneries and lush forests, then you’ll love Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort.

It’s overlooking the private bay and just a few minutes away from Vietnam’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites! You can take a private car to visit and immerse yourself into the Vietnamese culture as you learn more about their historical attractions.

They are also well-known for their world-class in-house restaurant and spa center, which can help lift your mind, body, and spirits. From fresh and delicious dishes down to relaxing massages, you can get the R&R you need in this luxury resort.

Wrapping It Up

What’s it like to stay in a luxury resort? In Asia, expect picturesque views, eco-friendly villas, adventures on their speedboats, exquisite dishes made from the freshest ingredients, and more!

There are so many reasons why the trip to a luxury resort in Asia is worth it, which is why it’s high time to start planning for your next vacation. So check out any of these luxury resorts and see where Asia takes you. Have fun!

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