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About Us

Retirement, wellness, and spiritual Villages are more than just a travel experience. It is the place to rejoice, to energise and keep on growing and living life to it fullest.

RetirementVillages.asia was built by a group of experienced travellers and spiritual seekers,
who want to enable senior travellers from worldwide to come together in “paradise”-like locations. We believe that many of us older timers, never lost the bug of travelling and meeting fellow travellers from around the world. That why we’ve built this website and would like to create community villages for senior travellers.

What is a retirement village?

Unlike in a care home, retirement village residents can buy an apartment on the site, can partly-buy, or even rent the property for a few months. Residents can bring their own furniture, decorate as they wish, and are free to have friends and family come to stay. This way, your friends & family can enjoy a ‘resort like’ vacation at your village.

Join us to a growing community of senior travellers.

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